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We want to do business with you. We do not want to be the sign company that sent you a sign that you could not install !

It can not be over emphasized, the importance that you contact your local zoning officials and inquire about your new sign. DO NOT ASSUME that you can have a new sign because you already have one or even because your next door neighbor has one. Zoning laws change daily. Is especially important if your church is located in a residential area.

When you call, record the name, date and time of the official that you are talking with and ask about the following:

  • Maximum size allowed.
  • Maximum height allowed.
  • Maximum area allowed for changeable copy.
  • Restrictions related to brightness or maximum lumens.
  • Color restrictions
  • Set back requirements.
  • Number of signs allowed on property.

  • Drawings required.

  • Plants or shrub plants that might be required.

    Please contact us at 800-456-9371 if we can assist or answer any questions or concerns that you might have.