Changing Lamps
Vandal covers


Materials Required:

3/8" and 13/64" drill bits and drill
#63 Aluminum pop rivets & riveter
Vandal cover & mounting hardware

1. Remove the face from the sign and lay flat, being careful not to scratch the decorated side of the sign face. Place the locking mechanism over the 3/8" hole and mark location for rivet holes making sure the holes are parallel with the edge of the sign face. Drill through the center of the mark with a 3/32" bit to accommodate a #34 pop rivet.

2. Lay the vandal cover over the changeable copy area and mark where the holes should be to match the hinges. (Be sure the hinges are folded under the vandal cover so that they are
concealed when the vandal cover is closed. Using a 13/64" drill bit, drill a hole into the sign face.

3. Attach the hinges to the sign face with #63 aluminum pop rivets.

4. With vandal cover closed, mark the location of the holes in the bottom half of the vandal cover. Drill through the vandal cover and face with a 3/8" bit.

5. Lock down sign with allen bolts or quarter turn locks, whichever is applicable to your sign.


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