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  Beth digging foundation hole

Install "crews" come in all shapes and sizes. 
In the photo above, Beth Beck of Charlotte, NC
prepares a foundation all by herself. 
Good job Beth !

unloading sign from truck

Allow for enough help to safely unload your sign from the delivery truck.  A forklift is not necessary in most instances. Depending upon where you live and the freight company delivering your sign, some deliveries are available with a lift-gate.  Ask your sales representative if you think that you will need one.


Signs are fabricated and crated so that when they arrive to your location, they are ready for easy installation.

In most cities and towns, installation by owners is allowed.  When it is not allowed, Cornerstone is honored to be of assistance to whatever degree needed.  Even if your new sign installation is subcontracted to a local sign installer, there are some preparation items that you can do to save on the installation cost should you want to. 

Installations are pretty easy for anyone with any construction or building experience.  The foundation is prepared according to the engineered specifications that we provide.  Your sign is designed to fit right in place when it arrives.

Cornerstone has managed installation projects from coast to coast.  If you need our help, we are ALWAYS available.  If you want to install your new sign and save on the installation cost, we are available to make that happen.  The staff at Cornerstone has pulled literally thousands of permits and have installed signs of every size and complexity.  That experience now has one purpose... to serve you.


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