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  Some of our recent jobs  
  4' x 8' Pedestal mount sign with decorative trim.
Valley Baptist Church, Oswego, Illinois
  4' x 6' Premier model atop of wall sign.
Romney United Methodist Church, Romney, West Virginia
  trinity church of god sign
5' x 8' Monument mount sign.
Trinity Church of God Sampson, Alabama




Standard model 6' x 10' cradle mount sign.
Desert Jr/Sr High school, Edwards Air Force Base CA


Andrew Leitch Park


Premier model 6' x 10' center pole mounted sign.
Andrew Leitch Park, Manassas, Virginia
Just installed. Waiting on some shrubs now.

  Stockdale Elementary sign  
  Standard model 4' x 8' Pedestal mount sign.
Stockdale, Texas
Now that is a real foundation !  Good job ladies.
  Standard model 5' x 10' wall sign.
Juneau, Alaska
Now, to hang it on the wall.
  Premier model 5' x 12' for custom posts.
Chesterfield, NJ
  Cherryvale Fire Department
Standard model all identification with end posts.
Cherryvale, Kansas